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7 Steps for a Successful Life

I’m always drawn to methods-techniques-tips that will help me be more successful.  Recently I listened to a webinar by Eric Worre, network marketing professional and author, as he laid out his 7 steps on how to recruit people to your business opportunity, i.e. grow your business.

I’ve recast these his 7 Steps to Success to make them more applicable to many in various businesses and especially for life, and hopefully of value to you.  That said here we go…

7 Steps for Success:

  1. Decision:
  • Decide that you’re going to master whatever it is you want.
  • It seems simple enough but total commitment to mastering requires making that decision, i.e. drawing that focus.
  • Develop the necessary mindset to overcome your fears.
  1. Mindset:
    • Develop a mindset of accomplishment.
    • Don’t worry what people think.
    • Be positive and confident about the overcome.
  1. Collect Friends:
    • Successful people add friends to their network daily
    • Networking is their Number 1 priority and should be yours.
    • Your network can provide enormous support throughout your life
    • Every time you meet someone remember to follow up with a note thanking them and keep in touch. (I still find a hand written to be very effective even in today’s electronic age.)
  1. Positive Daily Habits:
    • Have a vision of who you want to become
    • Spend time every day on personal development-growth.
      • Stop spending time trolling on Facebook, watching TV…
        • As Michael Beckwith states: WMD (Weapons of Mass Distraction).
      • Progress is Perfection
      • In a week-month-year-decade you will be amazed at what you become
  1. Always Be Prepared:
    • If you are in a sales position, be ready with your brochures-DVD-presentation-business cards-product samples.
    • Always have the tools of your trade ready
    • Most importantly have stories ready to share.
      • Stories are powerful
      • People remember stories, people forget facts
      • Tell stories that relate to them, their issues, pain points
      • Stories can be of product, successes, opportunity, service, you
  1. Enthusiasm:
    • Be pumped up-fired up about what you are doing.
    • Enthusiasm is infectious.
    • People are bored and will respond to an enthusiastic person. Your boss will notice you.
    • People want to be around exciting-enthusiastic people.
    • Love what you do.
  1. Think Bigger:
    • Don’t play SMALL ball.
    • Think outside the box.
    • Have a big vision.
    • Visualize in detail what you want to become.
    • Have no fear.

I hope you got some value today, if you did leave me a message and feel free to share.  What are your tips for success?  Love to hear.

Journey Well.

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