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A Sobering Look at the Future Job Market! 

It’s not on the radar screen, but it’s building.  If the numbers regarding disruptive technology impacts on jobs are half correct we will shortly witness a massive transformation.  Check out:

In 2035, less than 20 years away, robotics could seriously affect employment if it paces continues to grow and there doesn’t appear anything on the horizon to stop it. At its present pace, robotics could do the work equipment to 100 million U.S. workers by 2035, according to this article.  Robotics sophistication will continue and will replace higher paid jobs such as:  flying commercial airlines, doing surgery, and reading x-rays with higher accuracy.

The charts and graphs contained in this article present a very sobering picture for many workers, especially minorities with general skills and limited education.  On the gender side, women will also fare poorly because of their higher numbers working in areas susceptible to robotic replacement such as bank tellers and cashiers.

So, what is the solution?  I suggest considering jobs-careers that:

  1. Require a high degree specialization.  Robotics will focus on job areas with large replacement numbers so to achieve the best ROI.
  2. Jobs where you can provide high value added.  Concentrate where your analytic mind can best AI/Robotic.

Remember the best plan is the one where YOU take decisive action.  Talk with people who have taken serious steps in their Plan B.  

Message me, I’ll share my story which may help your decision and go forth.


Journey Well.

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