About Me

A bit of background about me (Sue Moore)…

I am a mom and a grandmother with a background in banking. I call myself a ‘recovered’ banker because it took me a while to ‘recover’ after my job was unexpectedly eliminated.


After a LOT of anxiety around how I was going to support my family and myself, I was introduced to a company whose products were transformational. I did my due diligence and joined because I saw a company with an exceptional track record and knew that being a distributor for them could work for my family if I worked it right.


I made a LOT of mistakes at first. Then I hired one of the best coaches in this industry and got back on track with what works. Now I use what I learned and work with professional women in financial services (and other industries as well!), showing them how to use an hour a day, either a lunch break or in the nooks and crannies of their day, to relieve their angst with their own premium skincare business without forfeiting the security of their current job.


They say side hustles are the new job security.
I believe that is true.
So …

✔  If You’re Ready to Make a Change

✔  If You’re Coachable

✔  If you Don’t Make Excuses

✔  If are ready to have the freedom to do the things you love, let’s chat.

My Career

What I’m doing now:yippee!

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