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After the Relationship has been Established, What’s Next?

RelationshipAfter you have established a relationship with a prospect, don’t get over anxious trying to sign them up.  It’s almost a guarantee they will see some sort of a sales pitch and you’ll soon hear bye-bye and no thanks.

To avoid that, first make sure you’ve understood their need, pain point or problem.  This can be uncovered through a regular conversation by asking appropriate and friendly questions which you’ve already asked for permission to ask.  Then listen.  Ask for clarification if you’re not sure you understood everything exactly as intended.  The beauty here is the more you know, the more you become a trusted resource and may have (in your opportunity) a solution to their issues.  It’s is only then that you can suggest your opportunity because you have taken the time to invest in them and the relationship.

A good thing to remember at this point is that their issue may not be something you can help them with.  You may have to refer them to someone else who could provide their solution.  Don’t force someone into a solution that isn’t right for them.  Such “convincing” will only lead to disaster further down the road and that’s not what you’re trying to accomplish. And while you may not be a direct source of a solution for the prospect, you will be gratefully remembered and get significant recognition for providing some help/guidance.  And who knows – you might get a wonderful new customer out of it after all or just a great relationship!

If you think the prospect’s need fits your offer, lead with your business opportunity first.  Benefits are the reasons people buy the product or service because benefits solve their problems i.e. uses less energy, effectively treats acne, no inventory stocking, to name a few.  Features are what your product enables your customers to do, whereas benefits are the outcomes your customers get that help them.  Think relationship first.

Remember, people are always thinking: What’s in for me? So tell them!

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