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Are Successful People Worth Following?

Rarely a week goes by without an article or quote regarding how successful people are well, successful.  And there’s a reason for that, learning about successful people is helpful to your success.

Recently I found a short description by Ray Higdon ( on what he found that most successful people possess.  He lists 3 Keys which are: a clear vision; surrounding yourself with other like-minded people, and never stop learning.

For me this captures the essence of success.  Check out my video take on this.

I have noticed that a clear vision sets the tone of who you want to become.  It’s extremely important to write you vision down so you can refer to it when the “tough times” occur.  Having it written down enables us to read it again and again so we know what we are striving for.  It’s amazing to me how powerful a written vision can be in pulling you toward your destination.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people gives you support, experience and guidance.  I’m not saying discard your friends if they don’t fit that mold but be aware you need encouragement and guidance from people you are fighting the same battles. 

Finally, never stop learning!  I firmly believe if I did, I’d die.  I find learning keeps me alert, aware and grateful for everything I had or strive for.  Continuous learning opens doors of opportunity I never knew existed and it creates a fun and invigorating experience.

While I’m sure there are many other keys to success, these three keys resonated with me and captured the best for achieving success.  One final note, remember your mindset is the most important key.  Performing these three keys will foster the proper mindset and create ‘good’ habits, having your mind in the mode to accept is foremost.

I hope you got some value today, if you did leave me a message and feel free to share.

Journey Well.

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