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Are You a Candidate to be Fired?

Do you have a part time marketing position or a side hustle you’re building?  Are you showing up to that business like you show up to your j-o-b job?

Here’s what typically happens. Too many part time marketers, especially those with another income source like a j-o-b, treat their business with a lack of focus and energy that would get them FIRED if this was, in fact, a “traditional” job.

For example:

  • Not showing up for your business when you planned to
  • Getting sidetracked on social media and not getting your work done
  • Taking extended time away from your business without explanation

I know from my corporate days that these things would get you FIRED from your current job!

You get my point? 

We hear “treat your business like a business” yet most of us don’t know how to do that.  So, the best alternative would be to treat your business like a JOB!

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Set hours for your business and SHOW UP!  The number of hours you set aside for your business aren’t as important as much as showing up when you say you will.
  2. Put deadlines on your business projects.  Break down what you need to do into bite size chucks and set deadlines and then meet those deadlines.  When you do, reward yourself.  When you don’ figure out why not — and be honest with yourself!
  3. Get Others Involved.  Share #1 and #2 with your family, friends or an accountability partner.  Make sure they know what you plan to do so they can help hold you to it.  Don’t rely on self-monitoring – it doesn’t work.
  4. Plan so you don’t waste time.  Make sure you understand exactly what the best use of your time us, then put together a plan that puts those things first.
  5. Never ever ever ever (ever) sit down at your computer and think, “What should I do today?”.  If you follow #4 this shouldn’t happen, but you’d be surprised how many part timers fall into this trap.  I did – big time!  The result is a MONUMENTAL waste of valuable time.


Be your best employee. 
♦ Start work when you said you would.
♦ Hit your deadlines.
♦ Make a solid plan of action.
♦ Don’t make excuses.
♦ Don’t lie to yourself (or others) to get out of not doing your job.

If you’re currently working your business in a way that you’d be FIRED if it was a job, chances are great your results are showing it.  Time to change that!

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Journey Well.

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