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Are You a Noun or Verb?

“Lots of people,” as the poet and artist Austin Kleon puts it, “want to be the noun without doing the verb”, or simply to have fame and fortune without doing the work.  However, if you really want to have something great you need to put in the effort. 

The effort needs:

  • To be real
  • It needs to be driving
  • And a focus intent that surpasses all others.

Many of us just want to acquire it, not really work for it.  Another way of saying this is our searching for a golden key, the one that’s unlocks the door to success.  It’s like buying a lottery ticket, looking for our gateway to success, in other words the good life, oh how sweet it is.

Are there people who appear to achieve virtually anything they want?  Sure.  However, they’re a very small portion of the pie, almost non-existent.  We hear so much of this portion because much attention is paid to them.  Reality casts a different story.

I’d rather be a verb than a noun. 

I want to feel the joy of creating my own. 

That’s why I work hard at my business for the feeling of accomplishment and the joy that I sweated the details and didn’t buy my way in.

Love to share my journey so message me.

Journey Well.

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