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Are You Listening? Your Next Sale May Depend on It!

It may be the times we live in, with all the distractions, that our listening skills have atrophied.  Too often in a business setting or even a social setting, people aren’t really listening to others.  They are distracted by their cell phone, the TV’s hanging from the ceiling, music playing and so forth, all conspiring to draw attention away from what is being said.

While your friends might excuse you, not listening in a business setting can be disastrous.  Peeking at your cell phone, TV…will be noticed.  While probably nothing will be mentioned, the hope for relationship will never develop and sales opportunity/job offer/promotion…well: fahgettaboudit!

Especially in a sales situation you should be listening approximately 75% of the time, only asking pertinent/fact digging questions enabling you to determine their needs-pain points, so you can effectively address and solve their problem.  Be of help…provide value.

Here are 6 simple steps you can employ at your next meeting with someone:

  1. Turn off you cell phone (if you are going to use the phone for a sales presentation, leave it in your pocket until it’s needed)
  2. Find a table where you can’t see the TV (plan, know the restaurant, sales meeting should be planned so you can achieve your goals)
  3. Continuously make eye contact (checking out the waiter-waitress is not a good idea)
  4. Concentrate on what they’re saying.  (Don’t be jumping at the chance to put forth your presentation.  Don’t be salesy.  Ask lots of questions to find out their need-pain points)
  5. Don’t top their stories. 
  6. Don’t finish their sentences.

In most cases, letting the customer talk and you listen the winning sales strategy will be revealed.

I hope you got some value today, if you did leave me a message and feel free to share.

Journey Well.

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