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What tools do you use in your fight for life?

The writer, Robert Greene, often uses the phrase “As in war, so in life”. It’s worth keeping those words close because our life is a battle both literally and figuratively.  We fight to survive on a planet indifferent to our survival.  We fight as individuals to survive among a species whose population numbers in the billions.

Today, you’ll be fighting for your goal, fighting against impulses, fighting to be the person you want to become.  So what tools do you use in your fight for life?

Tools?  You mean pitchforks, shovels, baseball bats?  Are we back in the Neanderthal period, where every day was a fight for survival?

No, I’m really referring to is the mindset you develop to fight for the person you want to become.  And yes, it is a fight – with ourselves!!

There are so many impulses today that will try to lure you away from your goal.   Things like social media platforms, disorganization, overconfidence, too much on the plate at one time…the list goes on and it’s SO EASY to get sucked into the pit of eventual destruction. 

Let’s focus today, on what we can control, what we can do to move the needle in the direction you want it to go in.

How about:

  • Discipline – discipline to only return calls, texts or emails at certain times of the day, how about saying “no” to things you used to say yes to…. I’ve learned you don’t have to be at every event there is, life will not end if you’re not there

How about:

  • Courage – to step out of your comfort zone at least once a day. How about calling one person on your chicken list this week. 

The is goes on and takes more time than I have here but I’m happy to share more examples with you – just reach out.

If you’re open to learning the essentials to creating the lifestyle you want, email me at

Journey well.

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