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Are Your Thoughts Promoting Actions?

Actions are created by thoughts by how you speak to yourself.  Depending upon how your thoughts speak to you: positively or negatively, can be what’s pushing you forward or holding you back.

Virtually everyone is familiar with the tradition of making a list to give to Santa Claus, who faithfully loads his sleigh and brings you what you want on the specified day.

If only it was that easy – wish lists usually become to-do lists.  Whether it’s your lifetime bucket list or your weekly to do list; Sometimes it feels like the only way you’re going to get a tic in the box is magic.  And where there’s magic, there’s Abracadabra!  In western culture the two words are practically synonymous.

Abracadabra is Hebrew for “I create what I speak.”

I am.  I will.  I can.

The words we speak to ourselves, particularly at this buying season time of year, are profoundly powerful in shaping how we feel about ourselves.  It takes repetitive, positive thinking as Thoughts become actions.  Thoughts dictate results.

So, say good things to yourself.  You’re listening to you!!

Abracadabra (and so do you!)

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