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Do You Need Content or Context to Make an Impact?

Today, content is all around us, available with a mouse click but nobody is interested if all you offer is content, whereas, offering context (how to use that information) that’s the value.

We all want to bring value to the market we serve.  And there was a time when gathering content from various places, even though it was a lot of work, it worked, it made sense and set you up as a subject matter expert.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case.  Nowadays, if you need information or content, Google it. It’s probably the main source of information today. Bottom line:  People can get all the information they need on their own.

The real key here is context.  Presenting the Importance of the information to the reader like how to use it, showing them how to apply the information to their life is where the value is created.  If they have an issue needing resolution and your content shows them how to solve the issue, you’ve hit a home run. 

You’ve shown value to them personally and made it worth their time to read or listen to however you communicate.  

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