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Are You Going to Let Work Related Stress Ruin Your Life?

The work environment can be a killer because of stress.  According to a 2016 Harvard/Stanford study, they found that 120,000 workplace deaths may be linked to workplace stress.

This and more such information is contained in a recent article: “2017 Mind the Workplace Report”, which surveyed 170,000 U.S. workers.  The report says 71% of current employees were actively looking for a new job or had it on their minds.

They cite three reasons:

  1. Professional recognition is hard to come by
  2. Employee’s feel alone
  3. Skyrocketing stress

While I’ve been out of the corporate life for about 4 years, pursuing my own dream by owning my own business and loving it, I still must work hard, and yes, it can be stressful but I’m doing it for me, my husband and my family and that, ladies and gentlemen, makes it all worthwhile.

Want to share stories on the wonderful world of corporate life then just message me.  Want to consider other options, I can help there too!

Journey well.

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