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Don’t Pitch Me Please!

Please don’t PITCH me, whether I need the product or service, when I feel I’m being pitched, I can hardly wait to get away from the sales person.   

I don’t want to be sold anything – especially not by a sales pitching person because it’s all about what they’ll get. I must add here, however, sometimes sales people are pitching because their quotas are high so in the mode of self-preservation, I can understand their motives.  But I still don’t buy.  I hate that but that’s the way I am. 

So, here’s the deal.  You can reach-out to potential customers in one of two ways, either by Prospecting or by Marketing.

Prospecting is a method where by you are reaching out to prospects and/or customers to understand their needs, wants, problems and pain points.  You are trying to understand how you may be able to solve their problem.  Your product, service or opportunity may be the answer or not. 

Marketing is the pull side of the equation where you offer something of value, for example, on social media or place an advertisement and the customer reaches out to you because they think this may solve their problem.  Most people don’t understand the difference between the two.  But that’s another post.

Regardless of the method you employ, once you’ve made contact, whatever you do, don’t go into the sales pitch mode of “it saves you money” or “it’s an unbelievable opportunity”.

Remember this little acronym – TINY – Their Interests, Not Yours! 

Ask questions, seek out their needs, problems, pain points and show how you could help without prying.  Developing a relationship, creating rapport and determining how you can help is your ticket to success.  It may take a bit longer to get the deal done but in the end, it’s well worth it as you have positioned yourself as a trusted business partner.

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Journey well.

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