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Top 10 Healthy Skin Care Habits

Healthy Skin Care Habits

Are your habits helping your skin look the best?  

Healthy Skin Care Habits

By adding these 10 simple and effective healthy skin care habits to your routine, you will see dramatic improvements to your skin’s appearance.

We all have damaged our skin especially through seeking “that tanned look” which is the worst thing you can do.  The best wrinkle defense is to protect yourself by using broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen or doing your tanning with a sunless tanning lotion.

That said, all is not lost as we can control 80% of our skin’s future! Many think that our “genes” control our skin’s future.  Not true.  Only 20% is controlled by genetics.  So, you have the power to take corrective action.  And what even better, it’s never too late to act and actually improve your skin’s health and its resulting appearance.  New skin beginnings are not just for the young!

These 10 healthy skin care habits will give you a great plan to follow and get you on the road to luminous, even-toned and beautiful skin.

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