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How Do You React When You Get Punched in the Mouth?

While this quote does elicit some pain, it’s true that many times getting punched or encountering hurdles, we tend to forget we had a plan in the first place and we start following the next shinny object or some other golden key to rescue us.  Unfortunately, winning lottery tickets are hard to come by.

The BEST SOLUTION is to persevere.  Analyze your plan.  What’s going well or what’s not going as you thought? And just because something isn’t going well doesn’t mean you should start a new plan.  Critically analyze what’s happening, and make some “tweaks”.  Perhaps that’s all that’s needed.

The next thing that happens when we get punched or encounter hurdles is we completely forget to refer back to our VISION for the business.  A VISION can keep you on track – the why of what you’re doing – I read mine every day.  And it really helps me get up off the mat or from under a hurdle and get back in the saddle. 

Message me, I’d love to share my story of experiences with you. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not the only out there who thinks like you.  Hop on over to my blog at as there’s more information there. 

Journey Well.

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