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How Not to Submarine Your Business Building Efforts

Which is it, does it help or hurt your business building efforts by posting your company’s name on your FB page/wall for all to see?   My coach and mentor, Ray Higdon, taught me a while back how to approach this dilemma by spelling out some pros and cons of doing so.  It was helpful then and wanted to share it with you today particularly if you’re new to this industry.  I’ll give you a couple of scenarios and hopefully you won’t submarine your business building efforts unknowingly.

I know I’ll probably get some blow back on this because I’m sure some of your team mates have instructed you to do so. Or you know other people who have done so and it’s working for them. And that’s perfectly fine – I just want to have a heads up of some potential consequences that could happen.

Scenario 1 – They see your stuff on your profile. It says, “Sue works at XXX company.”  Okay –  So you decide to do some online prospecting and invite them to a webinar or a video. You reach out because all you wanted to do is to start a friendly conversation but they’re going to see you as a crazy sales person because they’ve seen your company name all over your profile and they’ve probably already pre-judged you and decided that they’re not interested and probably run for the hills.  You never get a chance to share what you’re all about.

Scenario 2 – Someone is interested in your product or joining your team but they google your company because it’s all over your profile.  They see some negative information because someone somewhere has found something false about your company, whether it’s a scam, or a pyramid scheme or you’re going to steal all their money – none of which is true – because there are some amazing companies out there – but because they read something false.  Bottom line is you’ve lost them.  Not a good outcome for you because had you been able to talk to them, they would have seen the benefits of your product or opportunity and made a fair decision for themselves.  So that’s scenario 2.

Scenario 3 – Someone has seen your profile and they have an interest in what you have to offer and they do some googling and they find someone else in your company who had some amazing marketing funnel or another video or a blog and poof! Off they go and sign up with that person and away goes your prospect with somebody else and they ride off into the sunset.

Scenario 4 – This is very unlikely but it does happen – You have had a conversation and your prospect is excited about what you have to offer and see what your company is all about. They’ve been hunting for something, company info is your wall, they don’t google anything, they call you up, and poof –  it’s a match made in heaven – they’re in.  Sorry but that does not happen very often in the real world. It’s very rare.

Think about it – when was the last time you reached out to somebody because they had their company name on their FB profile and you said, “hey I’m interested I want to buy”.   Not so much – If you have reached out to somebody, it’s probably because you have a personal relationship with them already and you know, like and trust them.

So, some pros and cons -the first 3 scenarios are not good because your potential customer/ teammate runs off into never, never land and doesn’t join you in your business venture.  And in Scenario #4, potentially, maybe you can get a customer, but it rarely happens. More than likely, one of the first three scenarios is what’s going to happen.

So that’s it.  Now, I’m not saying you can’t put your company name on your profile but wanted you to be aware of possible consequences. Caveat emptor!

I teach my team not to put the company name on their profile because I think it’s more of a repellant –  I really think that, because people see you as a “sales person” instead of someone who genuinely wants to help other people, either through product usage or showing them how to create a second stream of income resulting in a better life for themselves.

So, what would I recommend:

I recommend teaching the benefits of your product.

Teach people – people want to learn – offer awesome non-spammy suggestions about your products and how they could be of benefit to them. In so doing, you will attract people to you. 

Check out my other blogs as there’s lots of information there or message me and I’ll add you to my private FB page where you can get specific information about my company and products.


That’s it for today.  Hope you got some value, food for thought. 

Journey Well.

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