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How to Create Amazing Videos to Help Grow Your Business

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How to Create Amazing Videos to Help Grow Your BusinessWe are experiencing a big paradigm shift in social media – the use of videos.  The simple fact is people are more visually oriented and videos connect better emotionally.  If your wanting to promote your business, videos offer a compelling format to connect with your customers and   connect faster.

The website and podcast, ProBlogger, provided a recent interview with Justin Brown ( about creating amazing videos. Here’s the link to read or listen to the interview:

Justin offers several simple, easy and inexpensive tips/tools to enhance your videos.

In my opinion, this podcast is worth the time because it provides actionable tasks you can employ immediately and create a competitive advantage for videos over the pack and be more noticeable.

Besides the tips/tools mentioned in the podcast, I’d like to pass along some additional tips I have found helpful in video production:

  • Shoot videos in landscape mode – better viewing for your audience
  • Insert a “thumbnail” at the start of your video – “thumbnails” start your video in a professional manner instead of showing your mouth open or some  other sort of weird facial expression.  Besides  “thumbnails”  are more noticeable in the feed
  • Setup your videos in 4 parts: An Intro, the Setup, a Solution and the very important CTA.
    • Intro – tells your audience who you are, a quick background if you will so they can briefly know who you are. Do this intro in 15-20 seconds, it’s not your life story but do be authentic.
    • Setup – State a question-Why you are doing this video-Answering a problem-Providing info on a specific ‘pain point.
    • The Answer – provide your solution to the question, problem pain point. This is the meat/heart of the video, the nuggets you want to share.
    • Call to Action – finale. Tell people what you want them to do – visit your website; buy a specific product that helps them solve the problem posed; contact you.

I hope this was helpful. Call or message me if you have tips/tools you’d like to share. I would love to hear about them. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Page at: regarding posts on other helpful tips for your business.


Journey Well.


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