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Lead and Need; They’re Connected!

Connection puzzle“You connect with a lead – and see what they need”  Ray Higdon

I love this quote by Ray.  It simply sums up how to grow your business.  Understanding your prospects needs, wants, desires or pain points are essential in determining how to best serve them.  Too many times we want to jump into the ‘sales pitch’, attempting to persuade them to use your products or join your team.  Rarely, if ever, will they buy what you’re pitching.

Instead, understand your prospect by connecting with them through asking questions.  Questions that start with who, what, where, when or how are great because they can’t be answered with a yes or no.  This promotes getting to know your prospect first.  It is then that you can determine how you may have the answer to their problem through your product, service or opportunity.  I guarantee this approach will lead to more rewarding conversations and more business!

Journey well.

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