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How Will Mobile Banking Impact Banking Careers?

How Will Mobile Banking Impact Banking Careers?

Available only in Europe at the this time, it’s probably only a matter of time before it reaches the U.S.  

My question is: How will mobile banking impact the employment opportunities and careers within the industry?


Technology has impacted the banking industry in positive ways for the consumer by reducing costs, faster service through ATM’s and apps providing 24-hour availability.  For the other side of the coin, employment, the picture is not so beneficial, especially at the branch levels where tellers, branch managers and other functions have and will continue to experience branch closings as banks move to more automated services.

This can be summed up simply by recognizing disruptions caused by technology advancements will continue and will ultimately affect employment and other career opportunities in banking and financial services. So, what to do? 

You might want to consider opportunities where you are in control. 

I’ve experienced the turmoil, so if you want to discuss alternatives message me.


Journey Well.



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