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How Will You Be Affected by Artificial Intelligence and What’s Your Reaction?

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will affect your job/career.  The question is how will you react and how fast?  Check out my video and the article written by Ramsay Taplin is the founder and brains behind Blog Tyrant regarding AI-Robotic impacts to the job market:

My Takeaways from this article:

  • Artificial Intelligence-Robotics is changing the work place.
  • You could be impacted.  The career you thought you would have for life might be gone.
  • The movement to Artificial Intelligence-Robotics is not a phase but a movement to change the world’s work place landscape.
  • It will continue to grow and it’s not focused only on blue collar, entry level positions.  It has started to reach into higher paying positions that were once thought of ‘safe harbors” because of the analytic, people engagement skills.
  • The question is: How will you prepare yourself for this onslaught?
  • One way is to start small.  It’s easier to manage especially when you keep your current job.
  • Keeping your job and starting a side project lessens the stress while making things happen quicker with a “Plan B”.
  • As the article states: “Small changes over time can lead to massive transformation.”
  • I advocate the same belief.  “Helping women in banking and financial services learn how to make their current job an option.”  This step-by-step system is easy to follow and done on your time frame.
  • It’s important to remember while AI-Robotics is changing the workplace landscape, it tees up other technology opportunities not possible a few years back.

I hope you got some value today, if you did leave me a message and feel free to share.


Journey Well.

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