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Is Your Mindset Holding You Back?

Is success is eluding you because your mindset focuses on your problems?  My coach and mentor shared this information a while back and I wanted to share because success is something we all strive for yet for some, success remains elusive.  

I’ve met a lot of people since starting The Moore Connection and there are several ways of thinking that have consistently come through those conversations that clearly differentiate those who ultimately see success and those who don’t. 

Let me explain.

Non-Successful people highlight their weaknesses like they are winning a trophy or they are permanent members of the “Whoa is Me Club!”  They’ll say things like “I’m confused and go on about whatever their confused about or they’ll say, “I’m overwhelmed” and do the same thing.  Some feel unsure, stuck on what to do –and they really don’t know what to do about it which all adds up to getting little or no results.

Successful people have the SAME experiences – BUT they notice when weaknesses are interfering with their daily routine.  They recognize the mentality of overwhelmed, being down, or just plain stuck – as bothersome and they do something about them. They sometimes will “phone a friend”, take a walk or speak with someone who’s usually positive. They don’t let the sticking points be the result.

So, the point here is this:  If you’re not having the success you’d like, you might want to change your mindset. 

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Journey Well.

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