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Move Forward with Boldness

Now-Later ImageI recently found a quote from Johann Wolfgang Goethe a German writer and statesman, born 1749 and died 1832.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it. Begin it now.”

Reading the quote caused me to reflect on how many times and methods I’ve employed to not engage.  Not only that, I became very adept at rationalizing why I couldn’t begin.  Why is it so hard to get going on many tasks, even though we know they could change our lives?

Not starting on a project is easy to do.  Why?  Are we afraid of failure?  Are we fearful of what others will say?  It’s easier to lie on the couch than put ourselves in the position of performing, extending ourselves, and growing.  It’s so much easier to whine about our lack of doing, rationalize it and seek shelter in our cocoon.

I found that doing some planning every day can be a very useful tool to doing. Every early evening, I sit down and review the day, i.e. what did I accomplish.   I don’t use any fancy planner just recap the day and jot down what I need to accomplish the next day.  Doing this allows me to focus on the tasks and their completion.  During the weekend, I take some time to recap the week and decide my goals and tasks for the coming week, especially basis what I was able to accomplish in the previous week and take into account any new information.

Any method or system that can list your goals for the day-week-month and is actionable will work.  For example, I use the following simple format to help guide this process:

Tasks Responsibility Completion Date Comments

This is a very simple and effective tool to keeping on track, having a laser focus and moving forward in your business and or life.  Don’t wing it, write it down and be honest in your assessment.  You will find this simple procedure of 5-10 minutes per day some of best time spent.  Please feel free to use this format or any other that moves you forward.  The most important things to remember is write your plans down because the act of writing helps clarify and strengthen your resolve to accomplish the tasks.  Any task you list must have a specific desired result, such as calling 20 people per day to determine their interest in your opportunity by having them take a first look at your presentation.  This is a specific and measurable task.  Furthermore, each task must have a specific completion date not some undefined, vague completion period.

Journey Well.


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