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Prospecting & Marketing – NOT THE SAME, but part of the 3 Keys to Business Success

I’ve had some comments from team members and from folks in sister lines on the mindset video we posted late last week wanting more information on the remaining two keys, Prospecting and Marketing.  So, I’m excited to share this info with you. 

I’m combining the other two keys, Prospecting and Marketing because they are linked together in terms of securing new leads but in fact, are two very different disciplines and I think contrasting them makes the point really clear. Let’s start with Prospecting.

Prospecting is an active activity.  It is where you reach out online, off line, cold market, warm market looking for leads because the REALITY IS the only way to grow your business/team is to get eyeballs on your presentation.  Right?  So…. For starters, you can prospect anywhere, anytime to anyone.  And that works, albeit slowly or certainly not as fast as you’d like it happen.   But I’ve learned that by enhancing your prospecting efforts by systematically and consistently reaching out to a target market or markets makes prospecting efforts extremely better because you’re crafting your message so that it speaks to that segments pain points and your relationship with the prospect easier to develop quickly. The prospect begins to trust you because you’re on the same page as they are and they feel comfortable with you.  And they are open to hearing more.

Marketing, on the other hand is, a passive activity!

This is where you put a post or an offer out there on a social media platform and hope that someone YOU DON’T KNOW WILL SEE IT AND RESPOND TO YOU.  Please don’t fool yourself into thinking that marketing alone will get the results you’re looking for.  That is a slow boat to China to be sure.   However, when you combine your marketing efforts by putting something of value into the marketplace with your prospecting efforts, now you’re working your “system” to developing leads, from all sources – on line, off line, cold market, warm market, lifestyle marketing, etc. 

So, the two sources of lead generation are distinct but partners– one being active and one being passive.  Like Batman and Robin, it’s a dynamite duo that packs a powerful return of results.  Prospecting specifically can generate the number of leads you get, the number of conversations you have, the number of 3 way calls or whatever tool you’ve pointed them to, right down to the number of new customers or consultants.  Marketing augments those new leads getting others reaching out to you!   It’s not a fast process by itself and it does take focused work. Which leads to your consistency, the time you put into it and finding out who would be open to learning about what you’re up to.

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