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How a Simple Strategy Can Help You Attract Customers

What do you do with the notes you’ve taken from webinars or conferences you’ve attended?  

  1. Put them in stack of papers which will eventually be forgotten and thrown out?
  2. Put them in a drawer someplace hoping you’ll remember that you wrote some fabulous idea down that you didn’t want to forget!
  3. Or turn them into ideas for future use?

Here’s the deal.  The notes you take are really “Uncashed Checks” and hold the potential for setting you up as a subject matter expert into your chosen industry.

So, take a nugget or three from those notes and write a blog about an idea you got from them.  Or do a FB live or share on Instagram and share what you’ve learned. People love information from people they know, like and trust!  You’ve invested in you and now you can invest in others.

It will set you up as a subject matter expert in your field and people will be drawn to you.

Journey Well.

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