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Why a Step-By-Step Approach is a Winner!

Winning requires a great deal of patience, focus and a step-by-step achievement of tasks every day.

Today’s video is about Alabama Football and Success…stay tuned, here we go.

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban created “The Process” philosophy and has used it to great success.  “The Process” is simple:

  • Don’t focus on the big picture but
  • Focus on doing the smallest things well in a
  • Step by Step.

In your life, your relationships, your business – compiling a sequence of tackling small items will add up.  And by acting every day, you are well prepared for overcoming obstacles and achieving your dreams.  Additionally, taking action-steps, every day builds your confidence to do more because of the ‘little’ wins you achieved every day.

Simple, absolutely yes.  Hard, absolutely yes because we are always looking for the “key”, the “magic wand”, that one action that will bring us the dramatic results.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen.

It’s the step by step process that leads to the results.

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