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How Technology is Changing the Job Market and What to Do About It

How Technology is Changing the Job Market

How Technology is Changing the Job MarketThe Wall Street Journal, in its August 12, 2016 edition, had a headline in the ‘Business and Tech’ section that Macy’s announced they will be closing 100 stores.  On August 11, there was another announcement by Sears and Kmart that they would be closing nearly 80 stores combined.  And Breitbart Tech wrote how seven robots have already replaced farm workers around the world…. not in the future, it’s a reality.

The world’s economy continues to change and as such, we are witnessing dramatic changes almost daily in our work life.  Traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores, traditional ways of doing business have given away to a new type of social entrepreneur and technology driven business models, changing virtually how we engage in just about everything we either sell or consume.  And while that ‘convenience’ fits in nicely with our overloaded lives, we still need to be aware as to how we incorporate these changes into our personal lives because it will ultimately affect each and every one of us.

The impact of Macy’s, Sears and Kmart shedding jobs has huge consequences on our society if we fail to acknowledge what’s going on around us. Many workers have been displaced and/or are in need of re-training.  For many, the future isn’t rosy at all – they are out of work and the future looks, well, not good. Other forms of technology-driven changes, such as robotics, are an even bigger issue. They have already cost jobs (think Amazon) and will continue eliminate future jobs formerly performed by humans. Technology shows no signs of slowing down so think about that as it relates to how your children and grand-kids learn, what is being taught in our schools.  Getting a degree in the humanities for example isn’t going to provide the numbers of jobs necessary to sustain our population in the future.  Having two grandsons ages 12 and 9, I’m concerned what the future holds for them.

How are You Adapting?

That said, I made a major change almost 3 years ago and joined a Network Marketing company.  I was attracted to the business model of the company which was/is based on a technology-driven platform.  We are, in essence, a social commerce business.  Virtually everything can be done on a smart phone.  While I’d prefer to do business face to face, this model makes things fast, easy and duplicable which is the future.  When you throw in the tax benefits of having a home based business, Network Marketing is a plausible alternative worthy of serious consideration.

It’s important to assess your situation, what your skill sets are, where your passion lies and determine how you can better strengthen your work life. Technology is a friend and being wise about how we incorporate it into our lives is essential.

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