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The Bots are Coming…The Bots are Coming…Who are You Going Call?

I think this is fascinating stuff…the evolution of technology and especially how Bots are changing the workplace.  No doubt technology has enhanced our lives, made tasks easier, provided more free time, expanded our minds and so much more.

My concern doesn’t lie there but rather with the disruptions technology advancements have on people…the workers…the employees.  Most people love the simplification technology brings to their daily work routine but don’t think about how it could negatively affect them.  Many think such changes would never happen to them and literally hope for the best by being an exceptional employee.  Unfortunately, when push comes to shove, the bottom line is what really counts and employees are the largest line item on most financial statements so many are asked to leave.  Not only do employees lose their positions but their much-needed paycheck as well!

 A few years back, after losing a terrific position, I knew I needed more control, more financial freedom and not worry about the next “paycheck”, so I stepped out and started my own business.

Message me if you want to know how you can start Your Plan B as a side project and eventually working it into full time.


Journey Well.  

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