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Two Tips for Awesome Conversations – Questioning and Zipping Your Lips!!

“Learn to help people with more than just their jobs; help them with their lives.”  Jim Rohn

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76% of marketers will tell you they know what their customers want.  However, research suggests that only about 34% have actually asked their customer about their needs.  This is according to Brian Solis and Pivot in a marketing study.  Wow!  

As I talked about in my July 11 blog; “Lead and Need; They’re Connected!”, it is absolutely essential to determine the needs, wants, desires or pain points of prospects if you expect great success in any sales venture.  Otherwise all you are doing is pushing your product-service-business opportunity.  But this! Buy that! Buy now!  Enough already!  Help!

I can’t emphasize enough the need to ask questions in finding out what your prospect needs, wants or desires are.  By asking questions you’re opening up a warm relationship with your prospect, based on a mutual trust that you really want to find out how to help.  Try it, you’ll be amazed at the results.

In order to be successful in gathering important information, however, it follows that you must put yourself into “listen-only” mode.  Don’t do as I did while learning this strategy and answer the question for your prospect.  That accomplishes nothing.  And pretty soon you’re right back into a “telling” mode and no longer asking.  Not a good place to be.  So, all this to say, ask questions, stay quiet and be amazed at what you will learn.  It is at that point you can determine an effective sales-marketing strategy. 

 Talk about a laser focus marketing message – this is the winning ticket!  Please reach out to me if I can be of assistance to you.  Would love to make a new friend!

Journey Well.

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