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Want the BEST JOBS? Take Responsibility.

After reading a recent blog by Seth Godin titled “Is Judgement Involved?’ got me thinking about the technology disruptions that are occurring all around us and in virtually every industry.  In today’s ‘super’ competitive environment, companies cannot afford the luxury of having employees who aren’t adding significant value to the organization, which is exactly Seth’s point.  Companies are becoming more and more driven to find ways to shave costs and technology offers the way. 

If you are seeking a job that doesn’t require decision making-judgement calls-taking responsibility, and looking to “skate-by”, then good luck because it will likely result in unemployment.  Today’s technology-robotics capability will allow companies to eliminate those positions and more.

Check out what Seth Godin is saying on this:

That said, I want the opportunity to take a role and not sit on the sidelines, and that’s way I’m building a business and spending time every day to learn.

I hope you got some value today, if you did leave me a message if you’re interested in what I doing to act.

Journey Well.

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