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Want to Build a World Class Team?

Want to Build a World Class Team?

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I don’t know of any magic formula or checklist because building a world class team is a daunting, but rewarding task. Accomplishing that goal can manifest itself in compelling ways for you and your company or organization.  It’s my opinion focusing on the “Three C’s of Building a World Class Team” can be the rocket fuel in taking company/organization to unbelievable heights of success.  

CharacterCompetency and Chemistry are a powerful and distinct set of intangibles that most successful companies/organization call their “secret sauce”.

Character is the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of a person. Nice definition, now what? How do I evaluate a person’s character?  I suggest you write down what morals-values you cherish, would die for and want your company/organization to be embedded with.  Once down on paper you can ask the interviewee a series of questions which relate to their own morals-values.  Are they compatible with yours?  If you do this with all the potential teammates and they are compatible, will find you everyone working-driving to the same goals but in a shared way.

The second “C”, competency, looks fairly simple but you need to look deeper than the surface.  What I mean is you definitely need to evaluate an individual’s knowledge matter for the job function they will perform.  However, what about their desire for self-improvement, I.e. continuous learning?  World class team members are always looking to improve in all aspects of their lives, they don’t settle for the status quo.  Change is relentless and more so in today’s ever expanding informational universe.  Sad but true, failure to not only keep up but get ahead of the curve is essential to survival and success.

Finally, Chemistry is how the individuals will work together, relate to each other, respect each other and drive together for the company/organization success.  You as the leader must determine if an individual will be a team member or the infamous lone wolf.  Team members must support each other and share the company/organization goals and values. However, most importantly, do they respect other people and everyone makes a contribution.

Intangibles? Sure they are!  But, if you want that world class team the three “C’s” are critical evaluation points.  Putting people in social settings can help the evaluation process. How do they treat other people like a receptionist, the wait staff at a restaurant, these and many others like situations can be good a indication.  Listen to their use of “I” or “We” when they are discussing their past experiences and projects.  And, ask them what they are working on regarding self-improvement.  Are they challenging themselves, getting out of their comfort zone?   I’m confident using the three “C’s” can be the difference in your company/organization.

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