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Weapons of Mass Distraction or Priorities – Which is it for You?

Avoid Weapons of Mass Distractions and focus your attention on priorities which are necessary to create the habits that lead to success and impactful results.  Check out my video on time blocking which is the technique of putting important activities on the calendar so that they are not put off or neglected.  When you block the time needed to get things done, you will make sure they are accomplished. 

To do this, however, you must own both the task and the time it takes to get it done.  You’ll get better with practice.  You’ll become a master at estimating how much time is required to getting the job done.

Email is the king of WMD’s – weapons of mass distraction. If you are really committed to protecting your priorities, turn off your email notifications on all your devices.  You don’t need to respond to email every single time your phone dings or vibrates notifying you of a new message.  Not only is it a complete distraction, but it can take you away from your immediate priority.  They say it takes 22 minutes to get back in the “zone” of where you were before the WMD struck!

Stop letting someone else send you their priority.  That’s what email does.  Nothing in your email is an emergency.  If your house was on fire while you were at work, would your neighbor email you?  Someone would find a way to contact you.  So, schedule time throughout the day to check email and get back to people.  This includes texting, private messaging, etc.- all platforms of communication.  This one step will help you protect the priorities that are right in front of you.

Here are some tips:

  • Set a time when you respond to electronic communication, perhaps ever hour or 30 minutes. If people know you will get back to them in a reasonable time, they will respect your priority.
  • Change your voice mail greeting indicating when you’re available. Then make sure you respond when you said you would. 
  • If you have an assistant, instruct them to relay when you’re available for return calls.
  • By setting this type of priority you are sending a message that you are serious about your business and people like to do business with people who are committed to greatness.

Hopefully, you have gain some value. And as always, message me I love to hear about your story.


Journey Well.

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