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What Did You Sign Up For?

Maybe he should have called it” What Did They Sign Up For”? or “Eager to Do What They Did Yesterday.”  or maybe even “Disruption.” Check out a Seth Godin’s “In Search of Familiarity” blog:

Ah, familiarity, the simple way to not expand yourself or handle any sort of change. “Let’s not rock the boat.”, many will say.  Let’s just proceed in lock-step to put in our time and so we can come hours to grab a few hours of TV relief.

There no question that change creates stress in many because it’s uncomfortable, requires ‘true’ effort and exposes weaknesses in skills and/or capability.  This is probably why many companies struggle with change in their organizations, people are unfamiliar with it.

Fostering change is a necessary task and requires mindset efforts.  Besides his suggestion that you do the paradoxical: discover that the unfamiliar is the comfortable familiar, you need constant reinforcing of this concept.  Change should be a core value, a mantra, of the company.  You express it in your hiring process, you reinforce it through continuous training, and you develop metrics to reward it.

I find this blog so interesting because every day I experience this inertia to change.  I see industries experience dramatic downsizing in employment because of AI/Robotic Technology disruption.  Yet, many will wait till the doors close before developing an alternative, a Plan B.

Let’s start a conversation concerning your change, your Plan B.  I’ve been there so I know the pain.  

Journey Well.

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