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When Will It Be Your Turn to Build Your Dream?

For it to be your turn and to build your dream, you must step out.  The BAI article by Kevin Steel titled: “Personal, personnel: Reinventing the Retail Branch in 2017”, makes me curious about why would you build someone else’s dream? 

A few years back I came to the realization that the changes occurring in the financial services industry weren’t for my benefit.  The technological changes would reduce advancement opportunities and increase job responsibilities without a commensurate pay increase. Do more with less – ever heard that phrase before?  Bet you have!!

Now, even more so, companies are facing more competition especially from non-traditional sources, think Uber or PayPal.  Specifically, bank branches are under assault because technology, the internet, among other tech based deliverables, can make going to the branch unnecessary.  Bank branches are trying to adapt to this change by creating new “functionality” jobs where most employees handle multiple areas of responsibilities.  Great for the bank, but what about the effect on the staff?  Not all staff will be needed and worse yet, not all will be qualified in a world of “universal bankers” or “universal agents”.

Instead, why not start developing your own business, your own dream?  You can start on your lunch hour and with step by step help at every juncture, you can develop your skills and strategies and eventually, if you’d like, take it full time.  Now, there’s no pixie dust here.  A side hustle is work but your need is great enough, it can be done and it is being done every day of the week.  

Hopefully, you have gained some value. I offer many helpful tips and strategies for people who are evaluating other opportunities outside their current profession.

Journey Well.

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