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Who are the 3 Amigos: Pepe, Giorgio & Bruno?

You can have these guys make you a fresh, made to order pizza in 4 minutes.  However, Pepe, Giorgio and Bruno are robots and they have a “streamlined delivery process”.

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Do rapid technology disruptions have no shame?  How about this – robotics are taking a great American comfort food and invading every facet or I should say, every kitchen by taking over pizza making.

Several years ago, my girls and I spent a week at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, California and that’s where my love for working with yeast dough came alive.  So, to say I’m appalled at this disruption is an understatement…LOL!  I mean what’s better than a pizza that’s handmade?!

Seriously, though, I wonder how prepared people are for this relentless pursuit.  For people like programmers, computer geeks, entrepreneurs and others, this is terrific but what about those not in those fields?  Those are the very people who will most likely be affected first, with limited opportunities for employment or loss of employment entirely.

I’ve posted about this subject previously.  It’s time to get serious people….about a Plan B!  When they can make and deliver a hot pizza to your door in 4 minutes, nothing is sacred.

Message me if you got some value from this and I’ll share how and what I’m doing building my Plan B.  Hopefully it could help you in some way.  And as always, feel free to share. 

Journey well.

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