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Who Will Decide Your Career? You or Your Employer?

With so many industries changing due to technological impacts, who will decide your career path?  Technology impacts will continue so you need to consider your approach and plan to this fact.

Hope you saw my post yesterday with the robot at the ATM machine….I thought he was rather cute ! 

That said, today the question for you is:  Have you ever allowed yourself to sit down quietly someplace and contemplate what you would do should something happen to your job, your department or your institution you currently work for and suddenly found yourself out of work?

I know it’s not a pleasant thought, I’m sure your stomach cringes at the thought of it. That feeling is quickly followed by words like “that would never happen to me”!  Message me and I’ll tell you my story. 

Let me share with you some issues to think about and then I’ll ask the question again!

  • First, please know I’m not ranting against the banking or financial services industries.  I loved being a banker.  I loved helping people and the daily interaction with customers was terrific.  Some became like family and it’s still wonderful when our paths cross today.  So this is not sour grapes or vindictive in any way.
  • In an article recently written by the CEO of Deutsche Bank, John Cryan said a “big number of employees will eventually lose their jobs as technology makes their roles obsolete.  
  • There are many jobs in banks today where people’s job descriptions are robotic like- all these “people bots” doing mechanical things and then before you know it tomorrow we’re going to have robots behaving like people. Would they be robopeeps!  LOL!  I won’t name specific positions but if you think about it, you can sort of figure it out.  Most are non-customer facing positions and some are – look at teller lines these days.
  • The point is how many and what kind of jobs will be replaced by automation is one of the big debates going on in every bank today. The clear majority of bank employees are completely unaware that those conversations are happening. 
  • Here’s the flip side to consider. The people who do remain employed will be tasked with more responsibility, most probably with no commensurate pay increase, creating more time at work, less time at home, creating more angst and less control of your life.

I think you get my drift.  So…let’s ask the first question again?

Have you thought about what you would do?  If you’re a single mom, like I was, the thought is scary.  I’m not trying to be the skunk at the garden party but I am saying when will you start to plan for you and your family.  If you message me, I’ll share with you how you could create a plan for yourself, step by step, on your lunch break.

Over time, you’d be surprised what you can create.  To wrap up I hope you’ve received value today to be able to answer the question “Have you thought about what you would do” with a resounding YES!

I’m serious…message me and I’ll give you an option for you to consider in planning for your future and for those you love.

Journey Well.

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