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Why a Side Hustle is a Family Asset

Building a side hustle not only can enrich you and your family today but future generations by enriching family assets.  My video explores how a side hustle can be a family asset to pass down to others: children, grandkids…

Today I want to share a few generational thoughts regarding side hustles.  We know that side hustles:

  • Bring an additional income stream into your home
  • And that that additional income stream can mean the difference between barely squeaking by or having money to go on vacation or building a real emergency fund.

But have you thought about this.  A side hustle can be a source of employment for your kids or grandkids – after all it is a home-based business and as it grows you’ll need some sort of help – virtually or otherwise.  Having the ability to bring your family into what your business, seeing how a business runs, is awesome.

Let me share my personal take on this.  One of my daughters is on my business team, she works it as her schedule allows but it’s always enough to keep her in spending money.  Whether she takes it to any other level, I have no idea, but she’s got the option.

I also have a grandson on the autism spectrum.  He’s sharp as a tack, can explain things to me in great detail and loves hanging out with Grammy.  Here’s my thought – when he’s in high school, I’ll be able to ‘hire’ him to handle certain areas of my business that he’ll probably do a better job at than I do.  Those of you listening who have autism in your family understand that the social issues around autism can sometimes be hard to deal with.  My side hustle will allow us to add another dimension to Graham’s life and who knows where it will go.

I’ve written step-by-step guide showing exactly what to do and say, what not to do or say, what one can do on Day 1, Day 2, etc.  If you’d like a free copy of the guide, just email me at and we’ll send it right over to you.  Thanks so much and we’ll see you on the next video.

Journey well.

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