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Why Accountability is the Most Important Key to Your Success?

Why Accountability is the Most Important Key to Your Success?Whether it just you or your team, Accountability is the key to SUCCESS!

We spend so much time and money working on and in our businesses, developing skill sets, recruiting people for your team, helping them learn the ropes and so forth.  And we usually leave out the most important piece of success … accountability.  And without that, all the work done in on-boarding a new rep is easily for naught. There’s no real buy-in and it becomes easy to blame the industry for not working and reps quit.

Why does this happen?  While my experience is certainly not exhaustive, in my opinion, there are two big reasons why accountability is a key element often not addressed.  First, from personal experience, subliminally, I didn’t want to be held accountable.  Hard to admit but true.

I had a great corporate career, was the leaders of the pack so to speak and thought I knew how to put together a team of liked minded people to achieve great success in network marketing.  To a certain degree, that is true.   However, if your goal is to build any level of a life-long sustainable business, one where money comes in every month whether you go to work or not, accountability is a must.

The second reason why accountability is an element left out of on boarding new reps is that the sponsor is fearful of asking for it. Again, from personal experience, I make friends with all my reps.  I’ve assumed they saw the same thing I saw in the business and would naturally work hard to reach their goals.  Oh, silly me!  Upon soul searching, I must admit I was fearful the rep would think I was bossing them or telling them to do what I wasn’t doing or some such thing.  When an up-line leader gently kicked me in the butt to hold some new reps to activity for the upcoming week, I “got” the importance of it.  Not only was I able to get over my fear, it was more beneficial to the reps.  They wanted activity, they wanted to be successful with small wins every day and I wasn’t providing the infrastructure to allow that to happen.  BIG lesson learned.

So now I ask my reps to let me know what they’re committing themselves to on a weekly basis and we set a check in time.  Whether they make their commitment or not isn’t the point.  The point is, everyone “reports in” (using an old corporate cliché) which strengthens not only our team infrastructure but each rep’s personal business.

On a related note, a resource I have found to be immeasurably helpful in helping me get over me, were the materials, podcasts, coaching, etc.  from a network marketing guru, Ray Higdon.  You can find him at The information he shares is extremely valuable, most of which is free.  I’ve also purchased some of his courses such as the 3-Minute Expert and Ray’s Success Formula in addition to personal one-to-one coaching.   Ray and his wife, Jessica, are focused on helping Network Marketers succeed.

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