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Why Getting Your Ability-Motivation-Attitude Right Can Be Your Ticket to Success?

It’s all about your mindset, specifically getting your Ability-Motivation-Attitude in the success mode.  The inspirational quote provided feeds right into what I posted earlier this week ‎regarding our Intentions and how our counter-intentions work against us.

Counter-intentions are holding you back.


I’m always astounded how your mind can be the key to everything.  That little voice inside your head which first says: “yeah, I can do that”.  Once said, that voice can easily turn against you by providing all the reasons you can’t.  Unfortunately, counter-intentions are very powerful and controlling. 

That said, Ability-Motivation-Attitude are the cornerstones to success and only through developing new habits change can occur.  Simple? Yes, but highly effective.  You must commit to doing these exercises every time those negatively thoughts show up.   

  1. Ability: You know that you’re capable.  But sometimes negative thoughts from our past haunt us and keep us from moving forward.  Things like – You?  Do what? Never in a million years!

Or how about “You’ll never amount to anything” 

Or this one “You were a loser from the beginning”.

Even though we’ve grown up and see the perspective of those awful words, or perhaps have gone to counseling, or to visit with a clergy member, sometimes those thoughts still pop up.

Here’s my suggestion:  when those thoughts pop into your head, just say STOP! Out loud.  Say I am worthy of the best.  Repeat if you must to create a new habit.

  1. Motivation: What’s going on in your world right now?  If you had a magic wand, how would you design the life of your wildest imaginations?  Whatever melts your butter – stick with it.  Print it out, tape it up on your mirror and read it over and over.  Things will begin to change.  Remember you’re creating a new habit.


  1. Attitude: Knowing you’re fully capable and you’re motivated to take daily action to improve your life’s situations, you’ll be surprised how your attitude will soar…you’ll become unstoppable … there will be nothing you can’t conquer by yourself or with help from others. 

Remember this does take time.  There are no magic pills for this because changing mindset is work but good work because working on these mental exercises on a consistent basis, you will see a difference. And that’s what you’re trying to do…. create your life as you want it to be – achieving your dreams.

If you’re open to hearing how my constant work on changing habits helped my business and life, message me! 

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Journey well.  Happy weekend.

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