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Why Should I Listen to You?

Listen, it is a worthwhile habit to have and will help your career success immensely.  In many sales situations, whether it’s network marketing, direct selling, a franchisee or biz dev. for a corporation, many people employ the same old, tired techniques of push marketing – so pushing a product, service or a business opportunity because, to those people, the benefits are so obvious so why wouldn’t everyone want to jump in?

What’s missing in all of that is the end user – the CUSTOMER!  What’s going on in their business or their family life – pain points, their search for a solution to a specific business issue. 

You won’t know that until you become a great ‘questioner’!! And for Type “A” people, this is difficult because we’re used to telling others what’s best for them instead of asking them what they’re seeking.  Instead LISTEN.

Use the answers they give you to formulate the next question.  What happens is the customer feels ‘heard’, they see that you really are interested in their betterment and are more open to looking at what you’re offering.  Because in the end, the bottom line is, while the customer may be purchasing your product, service or opportunity, what they’re really buying is YOU.

People do business with people the know, like and trust – a tried and true statement.  You are the key in the transaction.  Help people get what they want, and ultimately, you’ll get what you.

That’s it for today.  Hope you got a nugget of value from this.  You’ll see my contact information at the end of the video.  See you on the next video – thanks for watching.

Journey well.

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