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Why Stillness is a Powerful Personal Development Tool

Today it seems we can’t just Be Still.  Anytime we find ourselves in a quiet place, we’re instantly reaching for something to fill the void: cell phone, TV remote, iPod, whatever.  Personally, I turn on the news to see what’s going on in the world.

That said, instead of filing every void we find ourselves in, how about we find our favorite chair or our prayer closet or just a quiet place and allow ourselves the luxury of some personal introspection by simply looking within yourself.  Examining our mental and emotional state, and looking at where we are in space and time and perhaps what we could be missing in our relationships has got to be of enormous benefit.

So, here’s a challenge for you.  Pick a day, any day and put away your phone.  Keep it on silence and fill your day with anything other than the phone.  I know our children don’t believe that there was a time when we didn’t all have phones. 

Give it a whirl and let me hear how you do.


Journey Well.

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