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Why the 4 “C’s” Can Make a BIG Difference in Your Business.

No, the 4’c’s isn’t a singing group.  It seems sometimes we tend to make marketing our businesses more complicated than they really are.  One thing leads to another, which leads to another and before you know it, you’re going down some rabbit hole, nor accomplishing anything of value and then wonder why what you’re doing isn’t producing results.

At a recent mastermind retreat, Diane Hochman, a master marketer (who can be found at Diane,) shared her “back to basics” when it comes to developing business and staying on task.  If your position is business development in any form of business development, remember the basics work if you run the game plan on a daily routine schedule.

The 4 “C’s” –

First – Collect – collect eyeballs, people.  Build your email or contact list.  If your job is developing business you’re probably networking with various groups and getting referrals, or using social media platforms- FB or LinkedIn, Twitter or the others.  It’s a natural part of the game. The name of the game is to build your list of good information.

Second – Capture – capture their digits, their information. A little insight here – exchanging business cards – many don’t do that anymore but rather exchange contact info eyeball to eyeball. Reason? If working in a B to B situation, you’ll wind up with business phone numbers and business mail addresses and will have a hard time following up. Gate keepers are really good a what they do.  Additionally, some cell phones are owned by the company so in the event someone leaves the company, all the contact information is gone as well.  Best thing to do is exchange information right then and there on your phone!

Third – Communicate with your prospect.  So, you’ve gotten the info to connect so get to know them.  Don’t dump your company info all over them.  Don’t ask for an order at the first meeting.  Play it cool.  Find out their pain points whether you’re in a B to C situation or a B to B situation.  Find out what they need.  Remember it’s about them not you.  If you do this or have been doing this, you’ll be adding value to the relationship and you’ll come away as someone people seek out to do business with because you’re real. If you’re only out for the sale, you’ll end up being very frustrated!

Fourth – Close.  Many people don’t ask for the sale.  Business is left on the table.  Something as simple as “sounds to me like you’re ready to get started” or “sounds to me like you’d like to take the next step” are simple ways to close OR it’s a great way to uncover any unanswered questions or concerns. So, it gives you a chance to circle back around, answer the concern and then close. 

So, to recap, keep things simple by practicing the 4 “Cs” – Collect, Capture, Communicate and Close.

Hope you found value and share your thoughts. 

Journey well.

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