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Why Thinking Big is an Asset and Help You Achieve Extraordinary Results

Thinking Big can produce extraordinary results.  How so?  Our story starts with Stanford psychologist Carol S. Dweck who has studied the science of how our self-conceptions influence our actions.  Her research uncovered two mindsets in children and how those mindsets are important to thinking big.  Some children exhibited a “growth” mindset which tends to focus on the big picture and growth, whereas the other mindset “fixed” placing limits, stifling growth.

Additionally, the growth minded children exhibited many positive factors: used better learning strategies, stronger positive effort, showed less helplessness and achieve more than their fixed-minded peers.  Furthermore, Dweck stated than growth mindsets tend to less likely to place limits on their lives and more likely to reach for their potential.  She also stated that mindsets can and do change.  You can change your habit by setting your mind to it and until the new habit becomes routine.

Now the story takes an interesting turn many years later after Scott Forstall read Dweck’s book on the “growth vs. Fixed” mindset.  His task was to form a new team for a secret project that he stated team members would remember the rest of their lives.  Based on her research, Scott decided to recruit people that immediately jumped at the opportunity.  He wanted “growth-minded” people and he suspected those jumping fit that characteristics.  Who was Scott and what did the team do?  They’re the team that developed the first iPhone!

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