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Why Thinking in Moments Can Change Your Life?

Here’s a thought – thinking in moments!  What is that all about?  Stay tuned and we’ll dive into a very simple concept.

A company’s success requires that most of their components operate at a high level of competency.  Products that provide great value, quality is job #1 as one of the auto makers used to say, among other customer ‘demands’.

However, today it seems that having this high level of delivery is only an entry ticket to play.  Many companies continually search for the differentiation ticket, the ‘golden key’, that will separate them from the pack, the noise out there.

According to Chip and Dan Heath in their new book, The Power of Moments, to move outside the noise we should be thinking in moments.

In other words, moments that create meaningful experiences that stand out in our memories.  An experience so outside the ordinary that it’s burnished in our minds.  We tell friends about it, post about it – we just can’t forget it.

For example, the authors tell a story of a boy who takes his piggy bank to the local branch to deposit it in a savings account.  His piggy bank total is $13.26.  The teller, sharp on her feet, rounds the amount up to $20 bucks.  How cool is that – talk about meaningful and memorable.  That boy will remember that experience forever.

Who do you suppose that boy will go to when he needs a school loan or a mortgage or investment help?  How many people will he influence to do the same.  The ripple effect is tremendous.  Moments – create them for your customers, create them in your relationships, create them because it’s the right thing to do and your life will never be the same.

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