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Why This New Grocery Store Concept will be a Job Killer

It’s amazing how technology continues to impact our lives.  Now we have a mobile grocery store that is run by artificial intelligence and no humans involved in the store’s operation.  

Check out:

“… a prototype of a new 24-hour convenience store has no staff, no registers, and the whole thing is on wheels, designed to eventually drive itself to a warehouse to restock, or to a customer to make a delivery.”  Wow!

The implications of this concept are virtually unlimited, but be sure of one thing –  it will significantly affect jobs and careers.  Displacing workers is usually the outcome of technological improvements.  So, what are the implications for us, our kids, our grandkids?  I don’t have all the answers but do know that we really can’t continue without giving this reality some thought.

Now, more than ever, a “Plan B” is worth investigating. Waiting until you are impacted isn’t a plan, it’s a train-wreck.  A “Plan B” can nicely be done on a part-time basis while you’re still at your primary job. What’s important is to start!  There are career alternatives out there where technology can create additional income and keep you and your family living life on your terms.  

I have some suggestions for those interested in learning more.  Message me.

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