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Why you need to be an Info-Junkie

info iconRegardless of where you work or what you do…be an info-junkie.  Say What???  Urban Dictionary defines info-junkie as someone who is always looking to learn new information. 

Having a mindset of always learning is an extremely powerful tool that will revolutionize and expand your world.  This constant search for information will help you grow in many diverse, interesting and exciting ways.  It will open up new worlds, expose new concepts, enrich your soul and help you develop stronger personal relationships. 


How?  Constantly learn:

  • Read all you can
  • Listen to podcasts, audio books while exercising
  • Create a rolling university in your car by listening to podcasts or audio books

Don’t be afraid to explore areas normally outside your interest zone.  Doing so would enable you to visualize different perspectives, expand a more diverse understanding of issues and create potentially new ways to enhance your work.  A great example of this is Steve Jobs.  In his biography, author Walter Issacson’s relates that Steve thought of himself as a humanities person.  That he truly was.  However, he was really comfortable at the intersection of humanities-technology and used it extremely well as we all can attest to.

We now live in a world where technology has made learning about anything easier, faster and is readily available 24/7. Use that advantage to your betterment. Playing games and watching sitcoms are relaxing after a long day but becoming an Info-Junkie could make the difference in that next rank advancement, hitting higher sales targets and earning the commensurate rewards.

Journey Well.

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