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World’s Smartest Business Card – A Must Have Business Tool!

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Really?  Yes, The World’s Smartest Business Card!

Business cards are a necessity, so why not have one that’s capable of providing more than your contact info and let it really showcase you to the world?  The World’s Smartest Business Card creates for you a significant differentiation from your competitors and also provides an excellent sales tool.  This is a digital, interactive, and connective tool allowing you to move beyond merely sharing typical business card info, to sharing with any contact, anywhere in the world things like:

  • Videos
  • Individual photos and/or a slide show
  • Text documents
  • Social media links
  • Portfolio of your work
  • Display your product, service or business opportunity
  • Share more through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

However, probably the most impressive benefit is that the World’s Smartest Business Card is always current anytime you make a change to your digits. No need to scramble telling everyone about your new contact info because they will automatically, instantaneously have it if they have your vCard.  Think of it in terms of no added expense to get new cards printed and distributed leaving more time for income producing activities.

Check out the above video I made to explain some of the more interesting benefits of the World’s Smartest Business Card.  It’s not only a tremendous branding tool and point of differentiation for you/your company but it’s all done through your phone, making amazing connections fast, simple and effective. Really, you MUST see this.

Click on this link: to see one of my cards and scroll down to the orange bar. Click on that for more information on the company and vCard. There are three options to choose from. While the free card gives you a couple of images, a paid, annual vCard option gives you unlimited ability for videos, virtually unlimited branding capabilities and a point of differentiation for you and your business. Your choice.

At the moment, the World’s Smartest Business Card is in their pre-launch, offering extra benefits not to be offered after launch. Get ready to take your business to a new level!

Perhaps the days of paper business cards are slowly coming to an end …

Journey Well.

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