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Would you sacrifice your body and mind for someone else’s dream?

Let me ask that question again – WOULD YOU SACRIFICE YOUR BODY and MIND FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAM? No, it’s not science fiction but a serious question and something that will soon to be a reality –  embedding humans with technology to create the Super Worker.  In a report done by the professional services of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, (, where they drew upon a team of science researchers and surveyed 10,000 workers based in China, Germany, India, the U.K. and the U.S., 74% of the survey’s respondents said they would undergo treatment to improve their chances of employment, with treatment being defined as physical and medical enhancement techniques and equipment.

Not knowing what that really means nor the effect such technology would expose our bodies or mind to, it looks like, possibly a super majority will march forward into the abyss – talk about a brave new world!!

Besides giving up our identity, where every movement an employee makes is monitored, measured and analyzed, I’m wondering why we would consider altering our bodies, our brains, to help some corporation or business advance their goals – their ROI or ROE.

Begs the question, why wouldn’t you be spending time advancing your ideas, your lifestyle dreams.  Up until now, in most jobs, people are trading time for dollars. Now they want us to give them our minds and bodies as well– to technologies advancements– where the long-term effects are ill-defined?  I think not.

A few years ago, I decided to devote my time and skills to building my dream – my own business.  Has it been hard?  You betcha!

Here’s the deal. By stepping out, I’ve learned so many things, met so many great and helpful people that I never would have met or had the chance to work with otherwise, not to mention the time freedom it offers me to spend with family and friends, I can’t imagine anything else because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that putting in the work, will result in the rewards I’ve planned for me and my family.

That said, I’d love to share my story and how, step-by-step I’m building my dream.  If you think what I’ve been building would be helpful to you or someone you love, I’d be happy to share how I’m doing it.


Journey Well.

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