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Your 3 Keys to Business Success

Mindset-Prospecting-Marketing:   The three most important tasks to business success.  While my business is Network Marketing, these 3 Keys could be applied to any business.  They represent the most important business priorities any business must do day-in, day -out.  The post today will be an overview of the 3 Keys.  Shortly, I will video a more detailed post on each task.  But to recap the video,

Mindset represents the most important of the three. Having the right mindset sets the stage for actions in all other areas.  I define Mindset as the ability to create “habits of the mind”.   Remember, the mind doesn’t distinguish between good or bad habits so be aware of your daily “routine”.  Look at how your days usually go – are you managing your time or is it the other way around?  Some of the habits I’ve been working on are:

  • Following a daily routine
  • Creating & then reviewing my vision statement daily to visualize who I am becoming
  • Setting goals to reach that vision

Prospecting is a very active task where you are “reaching out” to people directly.  Mostly these contacts are your “cold market”, i.e. you don’t know them.  So, the top priority is developing a relationship with these contacts, finding out about them, and searching out where you could be the solution to their pain point(s) if possible. Don’t be salesy and don’t push your product or opportunity before you understand their concerns.

Finally, Marketing is a passive activity.  You are reaching out to unknown people and hoping they will react or respond to you.  These activities include “reaching out” through social media posts, advertising, blogging and other platforms hopefully offering something of value that would result in people contacting you. 

Having a positive Mindset, reaching out to bring new prospects to you and presenting your product, service or opportunity to these people on a consistent basis, are the key building blocks to your business.  Consistency every day, the discipline of keeping Mindset  – your vision – always in the forefront is essential to business success.

How are you doing in these areas?  It doesn’t matter if you are new or have been in business many years, focused attention on these areas by constantly striving to improvement your techniques will yield large results.  

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Journey Well.  

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