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Your Success Lies in the Pain Points

As entrepreneurs or business owners, regardless of industry, success largely depends on attracting business that effectively addresses your prospects pain pointsPain Points are those issues your prospective clients have that have teed up the reason they are searching for a solution in the first place. 

Discovering a prospects pain points involves listening and asking a series of questions to designed to just that.  Developing a relationship will help you uncover their issues and provide an effective solution.  Stumbling and bumbling your way with a salesy approach, i.e. coming across as needy, will not, in almost all situations, provide the win. 

Pain points are discovered primarily through direct conversation or possible email, i.e. getting to know, like and trust each other. Once we understand our prospects pain point we then can provide/offer solutions.

Jillian Middleton of Savvy Sponsoring says it best this was: “Until your opportunity feels like a solution…. Your opportunity feels like an expense!”

Remember, your product or opportunity may not be the solution and that’s ok.  The worst thing to do is force your benefits as a solution.  Put another way, without the relationship, nothing else matters.

Hope this has provided you some value. 

I have many other helpful tips and strategies for evaluating other opportunities outside their current profession especially when the current business is experiencing upheavals.


Journey Well.

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